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Published on April 12, 2016

Can people stop doing stupid comparisons? THIS LAPTOP IS NOT AIMED AT GAMERS! It is for business people and scientists running all day around the world! They don’t need high-end CPU, they don’t need dedicated GPUs. They don’t need 16 GB or RAM. They need mobility, light-weightiness, and snappy workflows, which an i7 will provide, even if it is not the best one out there.

They make it shiny and glossy, because they compete against Apple, which is shiny and glossy. They compete against Apple because that is the most used system in the world of Business and Science (on conferences that is). I personally know a professor who had to buy a macbook just for those times he goes to conferences in the States so he wouldn’t be so “outside” at the meetings. Otherwise he uses windows.

And the price? You need to realize what you pay for! You pay for some next-gen engineering; that is a full blown laptop that is 10 mm thick! And if you don’t care, then just wait half a year until it comes down in price. New tech is always over priced. Deal with it!

Oh, and Lew – This shines through as a paid “review”/unboxing if there ever was one. Next time just admit that you are paid to do this. I still love ya, though!

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